So tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday. All joking about feeling old aside, I really have been noticing a lot lately how I’m not the man I was just a few years ago. Sometimes the changes are for the worse. I forget things more, I feel tired quicker, you know how it goes. I’m reminded with more consistency that the fall was real, that I’m not immune to the effects of the curse, and that there is coming a day very soon when this body will not only grow tired, but shut down all together.

Sometimes the changes are for the better, though–at least I hope they are! The perspective of having lived for 30 years, really should change a person’s view of themselves, their world, and the God who created all things.

Being an introspective person, and this being an introspective season of life, I thought I’d try to take the time and write out thirty personal reflections. I hope to post them here over the next month or so. Some thoughts will be more developed than others. My hope is that something of value will emerge.