Looking at this portrait makes me think Attlee wasn’t the only one with something to be modest about…

It is said that Winston Churchill once quipped of Clement Attlee, ‘He is a modest man, but then, he has so much to be modest about.’ I can’t help but chuckle when I read that. But when I reflect on it, I think that perhaps, this isn’t a bad thing. If indeed you have much to be modest about (and who doesn’t?) why wouldn’t you want to be known as a modest man?

Returning from vacation, I’m a very thankful man. To adapt the Churchill quote, ‘I’m a thankful man, with so much to be thankful about.’

I am thankful for so many things that God has given me and my family. Here are a few that come to mind at the end of my first day back on the job.

I’m thankful for…

  1. A church family that is supportive of their pastor and eager for me to take a vacation (for all the right reasons)
  2. A solid group of leaders in place to run things while I was gone
  3. A wife who is equally committed to fun and frugality on vacation; she saved us a ton of money and made our lives a lot easier by planning our meals for us, but also planned some super-fun things along the way
  4. Children who love each other and obey their parents even on vacation
  5. A family who I really enjoy spending time with
  6. Living where we do; we’re close enough to lots of fun things that we can get there in a day’s drive
  7. The home that God has given us; being away is nice, but having a home that’s a joy to return to is a blessing
  8. Chainsaws (I had to cut down a tree and it would have been a lot harder with a hand saw)
  9. God’s word, which reminds us that rest is as good and appropriate as work and that fun is not sin; I’m so glad that God is for joy!

One last thing I’m thankful for… a job where I get to study and glory in the gospel that gives me delight, so that return to work doesn’t seem like death, but merely another life-giving, joy-inspiring injection of grace.