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Full ’26 Questions’ Series Now Available

Last Autumn at GFC we embarked on a journey. We endeavoured to ask and answer 26 of the most crucial questions that Christians should be asking–and should know the answers to. Basically, it was a sneaky (read: not boring) way to teach our people sytematic theology.


We taught this series on Sunday evenings, with various men from our church leadership and mentoring program teaching each week. Each week we were given a handout outlining the question that would be answered that week. Those outlines have now been put into a single booklet, which you can download below.

It’s a 61 page systematic theology. It’s simple, it’s short, we believe it’s accurate, and it’s as comprehensive as we could be for a short series on Sunday evenings. Best of all, it’s free. If you’re looking for materials for introduction to the Christian faith or something similar, this could be very helpful.

Our 26 questions cover everything from Creation to the end of the world, even to eternity future. You can even click here to view and download the audio messages from the series so you can listen and read along with the notes. Click the image to download the booklet itself.

Here’s a listing of the 26 Questions that you should be asking (and we attempt to answer):

  1. How Can I Know What is True?
  2. Who is God?
  3. How Many Gods are There?
  4. Where Did the World Come From?
  5. Does Prayer Matter?
  6. Are There Other Spiritual Beings?
  7. Why Did God Create Us? What is Our Purpose?
  8. Who is In Control Here?
  9. Is There a Difference Between Men & Women?
  10. What is Sin and What Difference Does it Make?
  11. Who is Jesus?
  12. Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
  13. Where is Jesus Now?
  14. What is the Gospel?
  15. What Does it Mean to Be Born Again?
  16. What is Justification?
  17. What is Sanctification?
  18. Will I Make It?
  19. Who Is the Holy Spirit?
  20. What is the Church?
  21. What is Baptism?
  22. What is the Lord’s Supper?
  23. Where Do I Fit in the Church?
  24. What Will Happen at the End of Time?
  25. What Happens When I Die?
  26. What is the ‘After-Life’?

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  1. Dan Sudfeld

    This is a great resource, Julian. Thanks for making it available.

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