It hasn’t really hit me until recently just how much of an incredible blessing it is to have access to books. It’s something that both as a student, and as a pastoral assistant I take for granted.

Being able to read good books is something that is absolutely essential if we are to safeguard sound doctrine. God only knows what havoc I would wreak on the church if I was left to my own best guesses about what biblical texts mean, without ever having been able to read good books.

But now imagine that you’re in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world, and you couldn’t afford a book if one was available. You speak Portugese; a language in which not many great theological treatises have been published. But even if there were good books in Portugese, there is no Chapters-Indigo or to simply order from. There’s simply no way to get books, and no way to pay for them.

Imagine the pressure of having to teach God’s people week-in and week-out with no books, no resources, no education, no theological training. That is the reality for the pastors of Mozambique.

But there is hope! At Grace Fellowship Church we’ve been raising money this year for the Mozambique Christian Book Ministry Fund. You can read all about it at the kerux’s blog.

If you don’t think you can afford to give anything, check out this horrendously convicting post, and then think through your life. What better way to take even a little bit of money and make a huge impact for the gospel efforts in Mozambique? For each book we get into the hands of a pastor, dozens, if not hundreds of people will be blessed for generations!

For more info (including details on how to give to the cause) see kerux noemata: The Mozambique Christian Book Ministry Fund