Freed to live through the death of another.

The Church Militant

Kirk Wellum reminded us in class today that the living church is a church at war.

Ever wonder why church people are so lazy? In Kirk’s words, they’ve got all the time and energy to “go, go, go” all week for all kinds of things, but when it comes time to pray or to read their Bibles or do any spiritual task, they’re dead. Tired, too busy, etc., etc., etc.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood. I think too often I forget that we are at war with an enemy that hates us being involved in spiritual tasks. Too often I give in and think, “yeah… I am too tired to pray right now” and give no thought to why I wasn’t tired five minutes ago.

We don’t understand our enemy. The less seriously we take the battle and the enemy, the more we’ll lose and the less we’ll notice.

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  1. Son of Man

    Awesome reminder. What is the stuff that lasts? Good question to be asking everyday. Thanks bro. Props to Kirk.

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