Freed to live through the death of another.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The end of the school semester is almost upon us. The end of 2006 is almost upon us.The season when people like to reflect on the year that was, and ponder their life in the year to come is just beginning.

As I was getting ready for bed last night I got to thinking… I have been so incredibly blessed. In so many ways I’ve received infinitely (and that’s not even exaggerating a little bit) better than what I have deserved.

I have been blessed with the chance to be in a church that is dedicated to teaching the Scriptures, attend a seminary that remains faithful to the word of God, and have friends who are faithful to expound the Bible to me. In short, I seem to just go from one opportunity to learn to another.

That’s it. That’s my life. Always learning, wherever I am. Here are some of the things I’ve been learning about lately:

  1. I’ve been learning about the glory of Christ from John Owen (Works, v.1).
  2. I’ve been learning about friendship from Esther Edwards Burr (from her letters to her friend Sarah Prince).
  3. I’ve been learning about parenthood from my one-month-old daughter (who, by the way, thinks I still have a lot to learn!)
  4. I’ve been learning about leadership from my pastor.
  5. I’ve been challenged in the areas of prayer and evangelism by one of my closest friends, Rielly.
  6. I’ve been encouraged to work harder and serve more by my always-loving, always working wife, Stacey.
  7. I’ve been learning lots about the nature of sin: why I need to hate it more, what it’s real goals with me are, and how to put it to death, from John Owen (Works, v.6). I’ve been going through this together with a couple of brothers from church every week.
  8. I’ve been challenged to love Christ more and to be more disciplined and more productive with my time through some accountability with my friend Josh.
  9. I’ve been learning tons about how to worship Jesus at Christmas-time from my dear friends, Bob Kauflin, Mark Altrogge, and co. at Sovereign Grace Ministries who have no idea how much they’ve blessed the saints through their various ministries.
  10. I’ve been learning about perseverance from my friend Darrin Brooker, who–believe it or not–has actually been a Sabres fan for a while now, and is still sane.

I could go on and on, but I won’t because I need to go to sleep.

Suffice it to say, God is good, and it’s a wonderful life.


  1. DErifter

    And your feed is working again, to boot!

  2. Darrin

    Since 1970….faithful to the end my friend…perseverance indeed!

  3. kerux

    And… and… and… suddenly your blog is 14% more readable! GOOD RIDANCE, EVIL BLACKNESS!

  4. kerux

    Enjoying these emails?

  5. Jonathan Moorhead

    Julian, that is a great list . . . particularly John Owen.

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