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Grace Chapel’s Baptisms!

Yesterday we were tremendously blessed as a church family to go and be a part of the first ever baptism service of Grace Chapel, in Markham. Pastor Habib Sakr preached the word, several gave testimonies to God’s saving grace in their lives, and twenty-four were baptized! Amazing!

Below are the videos I took of the baptism portion of the service.



  1. Kelston Robinson

    This was a blessed event and I was and am blessed to have been a part of it (I was one who was baptized with the group as well).

    Thanks, so much, Julian for making this available for us to see here.

    God bless you.

  2. Ian Clary

    Thanks for this bro.

  3. Jeff Karkoutlian

    What a blessed day. Thank God I made it! The days leading up to it were pretty intense but everyone's prayers were so helpful and appreciated by both Reem and I.

    God Bless.

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