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Frame’s Generous Orthodoxy

There is considerable overlap between McLaren’s concerns and mine. I too would like to see less doctrinal wrangling in the church and more love. Like McLaren, I think it’s important to learn from traditions other than our own (43-67) and in controversy to be both more winsome to those who disagree with us and harder on ourselves. I like McLaren’s way of putting it, that in theological dialogue we have the unfortunate tendency to compare our opponents’ worst with our best (136, 140). And I have argued, like McLaren (105-114), for a missional concept of the church…

So begins John Frame’s review of Brian McLaren’s Generous Orthodoxy. You can read the rest of it here.


  1. Ian

    Phew, you freaked me out there for a sec. But your tomfoolery made me read the whole thing, so thanks for duping me!


  2. JLF

    LOL… With the right bait you can catch just about whatever fish you want 😉

  3. Ian


  4. Gordon Cloud

    “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” I grow weary of the drumbeat against doctrine.
    Enjoyed your blog.

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