There are at least two things keeping me busy–but also keeping me quite excited right now.

The first is preparing to preach for this Sunday at GFC. We’re going through a series on our 5 Core Values right now. The first two message have been on (1) Truth, and (2) Humility. If the Lord is willing, I will live till Sunday and preach on our fourth value (even though it’s the third in the series… that’s just to confuse people): Freedom. 

I’m aiming to keep the outline the same this week as it’s been for the last two:

  1. What is Freedom?
  2. Why do We Value Freedom?
  3. How do We Value Freedom at GFC?

I’m going to argue that Christians are the only ones who know what real freedom is, even though everyone in the world longs for it and looks for it. It’s been a glorious study so far for me, so I’m hoping that God will bless his people through his Word on Sunday as well.

Toronto Pastors Fellowship

Toronto Pastors Fellowship

The second thing that has got me busy (and excited) this week is our final preparations for the Toronto Pastors Fellowship meetings, which begin on Monday. Our Pastor will be presenting on the need for pastors to be mentoring men in the local church.

I would say that he speaks as an expert, but I’m afraid I’ve disqualified him from that title. But seriously, this is a topic he has taken seriously and worked hard at over the years. I know it will be a blessing to all who attend. Remember to register if you’re planning on coming.

So, please pray. Pray for me as I prepare for Sunday and aim to serve all the other pastors on Monday. Pray for all our volunteers on Monday as well. Pray that God will keep me trusting him, not relying on myself, my strenth, and my abilities–that would only lead to stress. I want to trust in God so that I’ll get the strength, others will be blessed, and God will get all the glory.