Below is something I wrote for my devotions over six years ago now, and I just happened to stumble across the file on my computer tonight. A lot has changed in my life since I wrote it, but one thing remains the same: my God. He who held me then, has held me every day since, and keeps me now. My love for him has only  grown as I have beheld his steadfast love and faithfulness over these past six years.

I hope this blesses you in some little way, as it blessed me tonight in preparation for gathering to worship with God’s people tomorrow.


Therefore I will remember You
– Psalm 42:6

Amidst the blackness of the deepest depression of his soul, the psalmist brings to mind the character of His God. It is not God’s will for His people to always know ease and comfort. The Lord is like a good father, disciplining the children He loves. This world has not known a mighty servant of God who has not endured much trial and hardship. Moses and Elijah both fled to the wilderness for fear of human threats. David was chased from his own kingdom by his own son, who was intent on taking his life. John appeared from the wilderness and was beheaded. Christ suffered rejection all His life, and the climax of His ministry and the extent of His love led Him to His death.

Likewise, it is through many trials that we must enter the Kingdom of God. Curse the soul who thinks he deserves better! Rather we should, with the Apostle, count it a blessing to partake in the sufferings and persecutions of Christ! When our weakness is strong, and our strength is weak, we must remember our God.

Oh my soul, why are you downcast? Has not God been gracious? Even in Jordan–even on the heights of Hermon and Mount Mizar–God has been gracious in preserving me! Though the waves and breakers swept over me–though the waterfalls of life have threatened to drown me–yet here I am!

When I am overpowered, I must remember His power. When I am weak, I must remember His strength. When I am hopeless and starved for love, I must remember that my God is Love, and the source of the only true hope. When faithless, he is faithful; when weary, he is rest; when restless, he is comfort.

Have I forgotten this night that my God is all that I am not? Am I guilty of believing that He could not supply my wants and needs? Though the waves and breakers roar, though the waterfalls and tides are crushing, I will not be swept away. The Lord’s grace preserves me. My strength fails, but His grace is sufficient for me, and His power is perfected and shown true in my weakness. If the Lord is more glorified in my suffering, may I die a thousand martyr deaths! If God be glorified, may I be weaker than a child. But Lord, preserve me and pull me through. For without Your grace I could not stand.

But now, Christian, stand tall! For He who is able to make you stand is He who is faithful to continue on the good work that He began in you, until the telling Day of Christ.