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Fireproof Playing in Toronto

Kirk Cameron Stars in Fireproof the MovieSome time ago I had the privilege of seeing the movie Fireproof with Stacey and our friends Tim and Aileen. We had a blast when we saw it (and not just because of the company!).

After we saw it, Tim reviewed the movie and I offered a non-review here as well. Since that time there have been all kinds of inquiries about how to see this movie in Canada. Well, I am thrilled to let you know (in case you haven’t heard) that you can now order the DVD online or in buy it in stores

If you prefer to see the movie in a theatre-type setting, with lots of other people, you can come out on Valentine’s Day to Covenant Reformed Church here in Rexdale (see map below). 

The church will be showing this movie for free (but a freewill offering will be taken up). This is a great movie to see with your spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, or even a group of friends if you want to be edified and challenged regarding your beliefs about marriage. It will fuel some good discussion on what needs to improve in your marriage too, if you’re willing (husbands!).

Another great idea would be to get some unbelieving friends to come see the movie. The gospel presentation in this movie is quite good as well, so don’t shy away from bringing whatever unbelieving friends you can. What better to invite someone to than a free movie?

Here is the map to the church:

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  1. Greivin Bolaños

    I was I able to watch the movie a few days ago, and I am interested in showing it at our church, Is there any info on what to do or who to contact about this.
    Thank You
    Greivin Bolaños

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