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On Vacation

I’m not here for a little while and I don’t plan on being anywhere near a computer. I know, I know, church planters aren’t supposed to get vacations. But somehow I swung it. And I’m not nearly committed enough to have recruited guest bloggers.

So just pretend that the guys in the links section over there →→→→→→→→→→
are my guest bloggers and go read their sites. They’re smarter than me anyway. Even if some of them do use American spelling.

Some Site Updates

For those of you who check the website (rather than subscribe via rss), you’ll notice the new look around here. Please feel free to offer any feedback on the new design.

Being the furthest thing from professional, there may be some glitches. Would you please let me know either via comment or contact form if you notice a bug somewhere?

I’ve also been busy porting some new articles over to this site. Feel free to look around on the articles page and see if there’s anything there that is of interest to you.

Hopefully there will be some more posts of actual substance in the next little while. Thanks for sticking around!

Loving Bunyan

Here is a quote from John Bunyan on the Christian and the Law of Moses. It is taken from an unpublished tract found after Bunyan went to be with Jesus. It, along with two others, was apparently unfinished. I just wish that my ‘finished’ stuff was 1/10 as good as his ‘unfinished!’

I’m so thankful to God for the gifting of this ‘tinker’ (see John Owen’s quote to Charles II regarding Bunyan here).

Wherefore whenever thou who believest in Jesus, dost hear the law in its thundering and lightening fits, as if it would burn up heaven and earth; then say thou, I am freed from this law, these thunderings have nothing to do with my soul; nay even this law, while it thus thunders and roareth, it doth allow and approve of my righteousness. I know that Hagar would sometimes be domineering and high, even in Sarah’s house and against her; but this she is not to be suffered to do, nay though Sarah herself be barren; wherefore serve it (the law) also as Sarah served her, and expel her from thy house. My meaning is this, when this law with its thundering threatenings doth attempt to lay hold on thy conscience, shut it out with a promise of grace; cry, the inn is took up already, the Lord Jesus is here entertained, and there is no room for the law. Indeed if it will be content with being my informer, and so lovingly leave off to judge me; I will be content, it shall be in my sight, I will also delight therein; but otherwise, I being now upright without it, and that too with that righteousness, with which this law speaks well of and approveth; I may not, will not, cannot, dare not, make it my Savior and Judge, nor suffer it to set up its government in my conscience; for so doing I fall from grace, and Christ doth profit me nothing.

— John Bunyan, from Of the Law and A Christian

Things You Don’t Want to See When You Show Up to Work

I got a good chuckle out of this when I showed up at the office this morning…

asbestos 1

asbestos 2

It kind of made me wish someone had’ve told me before I had gotten dressed to come in, so I could have planned ahead and worn my ‘protective clothing.’ 🙂

All kidding aside, the guys working here have (from what I can tell) done a very good job. Quite professional. Still, I’ll be glad when the asbestos is all gone.

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