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What I Already Knew

On the eve of what essentially amounts to a ‘do or die’ game, the Canadian Press is reporting today what the enlightened of us Canadians have known for some time. The MontrĂ©al Canadiens (aka Les Gloriuex) are Canada’s Team.

So much for ‘Leaf Nation.’ Maybe they’ll have more luck getting support on the golf course?

A Hockey Post

It’s not often I post about sports, but I couldn’t resist this time. I came across an article by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports on the topic of Gary Bettman’s 15th anniversary as commissioner of the National Hockey League.

In this article, he said everything I’ve thought about Bettman and the job that he has done better than I ever could. If you’re a hockey fan (or even if you’re a Sabres fan), this is an important read.

If online petitions were good for anything other than wasting time and filling up people’s inboxes with spam, I’d definitely start one to get Bettman out. That guy stinks at his job, and everyone seems to know it except the NHL Board of Governers. What’s up with that?

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