The Foot of the Cross

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It seems chaotic. Crowds moving, people hollering. Some are mocking and laughing. Others simply shake their heads as they pass by. For many there, vicious — almost indescribable — anger is thinly veiled beneath jeering and taunting. Never has laughter been so spiteful. And then there are a few — just a few — who stand still. Silently, mournfully, disbelievingly, gazing upward at a bloodied and broken man, still hoping that any moment now they will awake to find this has been a horrific dream. But it’s not. It won’t go away. Nothing has ever been more real. Nothing has Continue reading

We Killed the One Who Gives Life

greater love has no one

They exalted him on a cross. They crowned him with insults. They mocked him in the very moment that Jesus mourned for them. The Creator appears weak. The creation claims his power. He is silent as a lamb before its shearers. The foolish sheep slay the Shepherd who feeds them. They cried out to him, calling on him to pray to God to save him. But Jesus prayed to God to save them, crying out to his Father as he gave his soul for theirs. They told him if he was God to come down from the cross. He proved Continue reading

There’s No Saviour Here

Jesus is Saviour and King

Preaching through Genesis has had me spending more time thinking about the narrative structure of the Old Testament lately. Last week as I was studying to preach Genesis 20-21 it struck me again that one of the main points of the whole Old Testament is also one of the simplest: There is no human saviour, only humans who need one. One of the very first things God does when humans sin is announce that he has a plan to bring  a saviour, who will be born of a woman, so that right from the beginning our hopes are raised. With Continue reading

Have You Ever Wondered About Jesus?

In case there was any doubt left that Stephen Altrogge is the man, he went out and made this video. There are a few compelling things here. (1) He is wearing a Blue Jays cap. Does it get any cooler than that? (2) I’m pretty sure we have the exact same couch. (3) And then there’s the content of the video itself… which is great. I pray that God uses the truth here to cause to you to consider and to worship King Jesus, who is God Almighty. Here is Stephen’s original post.

‘Good Friday’

greater love has no one

Imagine knowing you’re right, but having no one believe you. Imagine having the power to stop something evil from happening, but the wisdom to let it happen. Imagine knowing that you are about to undergo indescribable pain and eternal torment, but you cannot express it; no one understands. Imagine needing your friends in an hour of great distress and having every single one of the people you have trusted and loved and helped abandon you. Imagine being utterly alone and misunderstood. Imagine enduring the mocking of people who are blind, but mock you, the only one who can see. Imagine Continue reading

How Much Do You Love Your Saviour?

I love thinking about the God who saves, the miracle of salvation, and the unimaginable blessings that are ours in him. Reading things like this makes me love him more. Here D.A. Carson comments on ‘the riches of his glory’ (Eph 3.16; Phil 4.19) that are available to us in God because of Christ. From Paul’s perspective, everything that is coming to us from God comes through Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has won our pardon; he has reconciled us to God; he has canceled our sin; he has secured the gift of the Spirit for us; he has granted eternal life Continue reading

Glimpses of Jesus – Part 2

Here’s another of my favourites from Fernando Ortega. This song glories in both the exalted power and immanent presence of our Lord. It further contrasts his greatness with our neediness, leading us to cry out to him. He is powerful and trustworthy, he is merciful and faithful, worthy of all our love, adoration, and praise. Since this video doesn’t display the lyrics and since the video picture never changes, I’m posting the lyrics here so you can read them as you listen to the song. Jesus, King of angels, heaven’s light, Shine Your face upon this house tonight. Let no Continue reading