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Friendship Quotes — Part 4

Continuing on our series with quotes from Hugh Black’s book, Friendship. This time, I’m offering a series of longer, connected quotes. In this section, Black has finished arguing for the limitations of human friendship. He has lamented these shortcomings, but now turns his attention to the theocentric reason for these built-in limitations to human relationships. […]

Friendship Quotes — Part 3

Here are some more great quotes from Hugh Black’s classic, Friendship. The disputatious person for this reason never makes a good friend. In friendship men look for peace, and concord, and some measure of content. There are enough battles to fight outside, enough jarring and jostling in the street, enough disputing in the marketplace, enough […]

Friendship Quotes – Part 2

Here are some more great quotes on friendship from Hugh Black’s book, Friendship. A faithful friend can be trusted not to speak merely soft words of flattery. It is often the spectator who sees most of the game, and, if the spectator is at the same time keenly interested in us, he can have a […]

Friendship Quotes – Part 1

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to preach a series of messages on friendship at our church. As part of my study, I’ve been enjoying a book simply entitled Friendship by Hugh Black, published by Joshua Press. Here are some of the quotes that I’ve enjoyed: ‘The religious life, in spite of all the unnatural […]

Augustine the Friend

Introduction: “Augustine will never be alone.”1 Augustine the Friend According to Augustine, “In this world two things are essential: a healthy life and friendship. God created humans so that they might exist and live: this is life. But if they are not to remain solitary, there must be friendship.”2 By all accounts, he was intent […]

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